Got Caught Out in the Rain

Stretchy yoga pants aside, when you live in Vancouver, where it rains about 300 out of the 365 days out of the year, rainboots are basic essentials in anyone's wardrobe. Leopard print, camo, lime green with a splash of fuchsia to of course the rubber ones with the kitten heel, everyone has a pair; ...

So Good it Almost Doesn’t Count

Ladies & gentlemen, believe it or not, this shirt and shorts are in fact attached, making it an actual jumpsuit or what I like to call a male romper. A complete pain in the ass when you in need to take a trip to the toilet but it’s the biggest convenience when in need of a quick outfit ...

Double Denim Dilemma

This is how I think denim jackets should be worn, which is basically wearing a different type of pant bottom that is NOT made out of a denim material. I absolutely LOATHE when I see people in “Double Denim” outfits. Paring denim jackets with jean bottoms, I find is completely TACKY, especially when ...