It’s Not that Complicated, I’m just Misunderstood

Despite the tremendous pride I may have for my blog here, I don’t tell many about it because to be honest, they probably either already know about it or will eventually know about it without me even peeping a word.

I went out on a coffee date with this guy once. He knew about The Starving Stylist but just couldn’t wrap his head around the concept of blogging especially fashion blogging. He would ask me questions like, “Soooo… you have a website and you like …take pictures of yourself to put on it?… With clothes on or off?”

It's Not that Complicated, I'm just Misunderstood

With a giant eyeroll so far back that I nearly went blind, I responded (as politely as I could), “It’s a fashion blog, so with clothes on. If I had my clothes off… well I wouldn’t be wasting time here when I can be elsewhere racking up money for everytime some perv clicks on my site.”

…Needless to say, there was no second date and my snarky bitch remarks are probably why I’m still single. Oh well, there are always new shoes to keep my happy.